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Terms of Use

  1. By listing your property with Real Estate Assist Sell you acknowledge that you are the property owner or a person or entity authorised by the owner to do so.
  2. Fees for the Real Estate Assist Sell services are as follows:
    1. Residential Sales: An upfront Listing Fee of $385.00 which includes online marketing for 1 month and then a monthly service fee of $88.00.
    2. Residential Sales: Pay on sale service fee: 1.1% of the sale price – Conditions apply.
    3. Residential Rental: An upfront Listing Fee of $110.00 which includes online marketing for 1 month and then a monthly service fee of $88.00.

    All charges are in Australian Dollars and Include GST.

    The Listing fee is charged once and includes all administration charges in creating a property profile, creating an online advertising campaign as well as taking enquiries on your property for 1 month.

    The $88 Monthly Service Fee is paid in advance for the whole month and is referred to as the ‘Service Fee Cycle’. The Service Fee Cycle commences 1 month after the date your property is listed with Real Estate Assist Sell and falls due on that same date for each following month. When the Monthly Service Fee is paid, we will continue the online advertising campaign and continue taking enquiries on your property for that month. There are no pro-rata payments for the Monthly Service Fee. If you don’t pay the ongoing Monthly Service Fee or if you cancel the Monthly Service Fee, we will remove your property from our service.

  3. All payments are made via the Paypal Gateway. Payments can be made either by credit card or via a Paypal account. All the payments are referred to as Subscription Fees including the Upfront Listing Fee. Once a property profile has been created and the Upfront Listing Fee has been paid, the Upfront Listing Fee is non-refundable. The automatic Monthly Service Fee may be cancelled with a minimum of three business days’ written notice. The 3 business days’ written notice is called the ‘notification period’. If the notification period falls within the last three business days of the current Monthly Service Fee Cycle, you will be charged $88.00 for the next Monthly Service Fee. If your property is sold or withdrawn from sale and you have notified us in writing, it may take up to 3 days to remove the property from our service. If your listing is removed and you then want it reinstated, you may be liable for another Upfront Listing Fee.
  4. There is no minimum term to sign up for. The property is listed by Real Estate Assist Sell and we will take enquiries on the property until it is sold/leased, we are instructed by you to remove the listing or you do not pay your Monthly Service Fee. All requests to remove a listing must be in writing to
  5. To list your property, you must create your own unique username and password in the “Real Estate Assist Sell Sign Up” page. This will enable you to access your client profile so you can make amendments to your listing as required. Changes can include: updating open for inspection times, amending property descriptions, price changes and uploading additional photos.
    1. It is a condition of this agreement that you do not disclose your user name and password to anyone. If you believe that your user name and password has been compromised, you must notify Real Estate Assist Sell immediately.
    2. All amended details will be verified by Real Estate Assist Sell prior to being uploaded to any Real Estate Portals. It may take up to 48 hours (during business hours) for any changes to appear on the Real Estate Portals.
  6. It is a condition of this agreement that you do not enter your contact details including contact name, contact number, email address etc. on the listing. It is a condition of this agreement that Real Estate Assist Sell can edit the text to in order to comply with the relevant government regulations which includes but is not limited to price quotes. All property enquiries will be directed to Real Estate Assist Sell and we will then contact you to arrange a suitable inspection time.
  7. Real Estate Assist Sell complies with the ‘private listing policy’ of the Real Estate Australia Group (REA) who owns REA only allows licensed real estate agent listings to be advertised on their website – they do not allow private listings as it is inconsistent with their policy.
  8. It is a condition of this agreement that if the property is sold/leased or you decide to remove the listing you must notify us in writing as soon as possible.
  9. Properties will only be listed if you provide Real Estate Assist Sell with the following:
    1. At least 1 and up to 20 photos. Photos must be no larger than 250K in size
    2. Complete online application form including complete details of the property
    3. Successful online payment via the Paypal payment gateway including ongoing monthly payments
    4. Your agreement to our Terms of Use

    By agreeing to list your property with Real Estate Assist Sell, you agree to these Terms of Use.

  10. Money back guarantee: If your property is not sold, at your request Real Estate Assist Sell can refer you to full service real estate agencies. Upon the successful sale of your property we will refund your upfront listing fee to you. The refund is for the listing fee only and not the recurring monthly service fees paid. The Real Estate Assist Sell Money back guarantee is only offered if we are able to refer you to an agent to sell your property and that agent sells the property.
  11. Terms of website use:
    1. The user warrants that all information supplied by you, as relates to the property, is true and accurate.
    2. Unauthorised use of this site is prohibited.
    3. Any person/legal entity who/which uses this site without proper and lawful authority agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Real Estate Assist Sell against all and any liability, loss and damage of whatsoever kind caused by such improper and unlawful use.
    4. In accessing information on this website all users release Real Estate Assist Sell, to the extent permitted by law, from claims regarding usage of data or information available on the website. Real Estate Assist Sell will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from use of the data or information.
    5. Real Estate Assist Sell does not warrant that the website or any of its content will be available on a secure, virus free, continuous or uninterrupted basis. Real Estate Assist Sell is not liable for any damage or loss suffered by users as a result of their inability or the inability of other users to access any of the content on the website.
  12. Information on this website is supplied in large part by third parties. While Real Estate Assist Sell attempts to provide a quality service and publishes information in good faith, Real Estate Assist Sell does not guarantee, undertake or warrant that the information provided is correct, comprehensive, and up to date or is fit for any user pays purpose. Users are advised to confirm information at their discretion. Information changed post-publication can alter the accuracy of information, and Real Estate Assist Sell does not guarantee the accuracy therein contained. Websites linked to or from this website are not controlled by Real Estate Assist Sell – users must decide for themselves if the information provided therein contained is correct, comprehensive, and up to date or is fit and trustworthy for their purpose.
  13. Real Estate Assist Sell subscribes to, pays fees to access and relies on third party sites (partner sites). These partner sites can change without notice depending on price, availability and ability of these sites to attract visitors and is made solely at the discretion of Real Estate Assist Sell. Real Estate Assist Sell cannot guarantee the continuity of these relationships. You indemnify Real Estate Assist Sell from any actions on your behalf should Real Estate Assist Sell be unable to provide access to any of its partner sites at any stage.
  14. Real Estate Assist Sell will remove any property from its service for any breech of the Terms of Use by a vendor and any monies paid will not be refunded.

YES I agree with these Terms of Use.